I currently work as a contractor through NetImpact Strategies, where I serve as the Graphic Designer for the National Cancer Institute’s Center for Biomedical Informatics & Information Technology (CBIIT). In this multi-faceted role, I lead the Communications Team in the design of, brochures, images, logos, infographics, videos, and various other design projects, which are published across various media platforms and websites. I utilize my experience in Adobe Premiere and After Effects to produce and edit videos for CBIIT and NCI Leadership. My ability to collaborate and work under pressure shines in this role, as many of the team’s projects are time sensitive.  Additionally, I established a brand style for all CBIIT internal and public facing platforms, and continuously ensure that all graphics and projects comply with Section 508 Accessibility Requirements. 

Prior to my tenure at CBIIT, I was employed as a Sr. Graphic Designer for M.R. Publishing in Lake Worth, Florida. I was responsible for all projects that M.R. Publishing produced for clients. On an annual basis, this included over 60 magazines, logos, countless digital projects, and numerous other print projects. I met with clients, boards, and committees to understand their vision and combine their needs with successful marketing and design to create the best version of the client’s vision.

Multitasking was a key skill, as I typically worked on up to twelve main projects at any given time, plus additional smaller projects that would come in daily. Other responsibilities included maintaining and coming in under the project budget, assisting and training new hires on current software (Adobe CS Products), setting up photoshoots, monitoring client’s social media accounts, and working with printers and other vendors on the client’s behalf. 

Before M.R. Publishing, I was employed as a Desktop Publisher/Graphic Designer for the Wayne-Dalton Corporation in Mount Hope, Ohio. I was responsible for all of Wayne-Dalton Corporation residential door manuals. On an annual basis, this included over 200 manuals and upcoming new products. For each manual I was required to research the new or existing product, create a scale model of the product in a CAD program (AutoCAD or Solid Works), create illustrations from the model in Illustrator and Photoshop, develop all text for installation instruction, and design the instruction manual layout.

Prior to working at the Wayne-Dalton Corporation, I attended Kent State University. Focusing on art and animation classes, CAD, desktop publishing, and Productivity Software classes, I graduated with an Associate Degree in Computer Design and Animation.


Seth Schlegel