To Whom lt May Concern,

Seth Schlegel was employed by M R Publishing for 12 years, as our Senior Graphic Designer. I recommend him highly, both for his talent and his work ethic.

M R Publishing has a varied portfolio that includes major corporations like Ritz-Carlton, W Hotels and Bayer; highend country clubs like Bath and Tennis in Palm Beach (FL) and Maidstone in East Hampton (NY); international environmental organizations like the South Georgia Heritage Trust (UK) and Friends of South Georgia lsland (US); GL Homes communities throughout Florida, each with hundreds of homes within their gates; plus, country clubs, banks, charities, and other businesses and associations. Our client projects have included hard-cover commemorative books, magazines, advertisements, logo design, calendars, promotional brochures, digital/social media, and marketing.

Seth was an integral part of everything we produced and was involved with concept, budgeting, graphic design, and follow-through to the end product, whether printed or digital. His talent was lauded by all our clients, who trusted that they could rely on him to deliver a quality design on time and on budget. He maintained excellent relationships with our contacts, both by phone and in-person visits. His willingness to do whatever it took to satisfy each client was essential to the company’s growth.

It is with no reservations that I encourage you to seriously consider Seth as a member of your company. He will give you 100 percent of his effort, is completely dependable, and is always excited to delve into new technology as it comes along. He will be an asset to your organization, and you will enjoy having him as a member of your staff.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me, should you have any questions or require additional information.


Marilyn Rudne
M R Publishing Inc